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Dragon Age: Dawn Of The Seeker Full Movie In Hindi Download

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7cb1d79195 In the land of Orlais, where battles are fought with swords and magic, a young heroine rises as templars, mages, and dragons clash. Cassandra, a brash and beautiful Seeker, must stop a conspiracy that threatens the realm's most powerful religious order, the Chantry of Andraste. Accused of treasonous crimes and hunted by friend and foe, Cassandra must clear her name and overcome her raging emotions in order to save the day and take her place in legend.
Dragon Age: Blood of the Seeker is something as rare as dark fantasy that doesn&#39;t devolve into the stale, predictable realm of antiheroes. There&#39;s little depth here, but it is a an entertaining action-fantasy movie that&#39;ll keep you entertained.<br/><br/>The story follows Cassandra, an elite warrior of the Chantry of the Maker, who gets involved in a conspiracy involving threats to the Chantry from both within and without. Without spoiling the story too much, the characters are refreshingly sincere, devoted, yet flawed.<br/><br/>A personal pet peeve of mine in modern movies is the tendency to focus ridiculous amounts of time on the background of the antagonist, i.e. why he/she became the unpleasant individual you see before you today. Thankfully this is avoided here.<br/><br/>The animations and the rotoscoped background scenery was impressive. The voice acting is above average, but nothing that blew me away. The dialog was pretty good for an anime, but don&#39;t expect the King&#39;s Speech with swords. The music was for me the weak point, as there were no particularly memorable themes.<br/><br/>In some ways, despite the very modern computer generated animation and dark fantasy themes based on the Dragon Age world, Dawn of the Seeker has a distinct old school feel to it.<br/><br/>So a word of warning. If you&#39;re the type of viewer who prefer your fantasy stuck in a quagmire of black-and-gray morality as per God of War or A Game of Thrones, you will come away disappointed. There is no rape, no drawn out torture scenes, and honor is a strength, not a weakness. Likewise if you expect the movie to be some sort of angry rant against the dangers of organized religion, you&#39;re better off watching Cristopher Hitchens on Youtube than a Japanese fantasy anime.<br/><br/>All in all, it is a great dark fantasy movie with violent, entertaining action and likable characters and just enough plot twists to keep it from being boring. :)
Not being overly familiar with the Dragon Age games, I didn&#39;t really have any prerequisites for this movie, so I just took it for what it was a sword and magic fantasy animated adventure.<br/><br/>That being said, then the movie was sort of cliché. Sure, in a fantasy movie you need to have the stereotypical good against evil plot, which is also present here, but it is also spiced up with a sub-plot of betrayal and deception.<br/><br/>The characters in the movie were mediocre at best. You didn&#39;t really get to see any interesting characteristics of anyone, as they were shallow and sort of just flashy in and out of everything. Not even the two main characters were given proper character traits or personalities. At best, then you get annoyed with the Cassandra character because she is single-minded, narrow-minded, naive and sort of a brat. For a Seeker, then she is awfully childish in her mindset and seem so far away from being properly capable of taking on such a responsibility.<br/><br/>As for the voice acting, well it was adequate. At times it worked out well enough, but at other times it could have used a bit more commitment and passion.<br/><br/>Now, what really worked for the movie was the visuals. The characters were nicely animated, even though they had a hint of bordering on being in the Anime genre. The costumes and armors were really nicely detailed and quite nice to look at. However, something I personally didn&#39;t understand, was the alternate usage of a sort of weird hybrid mixture of animation and CGI for the characters, but using full-blown, all out CGI for the dragons and scenery. It was a mixture that often didn&#39;t fully stand well together. Personally, I think they should just have picked one style of visuals and stuck with it. Now, I am not saying that it is bad to look at, far from it, because to their own, they are quite stunning. Just a weird combination of attempting to mix styles together (which also failed in that &quot;Dead Space&quot; animated movie).<br/><br/>Another thing that stuck out like a sore thumb was the overpowered abilities of Cassandra. If she truly was all that powerful and capable in battle, why did they need circle mages for the fight with the dragons, or how come she wasn&#39;t at the top of the Seeker order? That leader was so easily bested and cut down, that it was just painful to behold, especially since Cassandra possess these skills and prowess in combat.<br/><br/>Despite a heap of things that just didn&#39;t fully add up, &quot;Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker&quot; was fun enough to just. Just take it for what it is, a fantasy adventure (of mixed visual styles) that doesn&#39;t require any thinking on your part. If you enjoy CGI animated movies, the &quot;Final Fantasy&quot; movies, &quot;Resident Evil: Degeneration&quot; (&quot;Damnation&quot; sucks horribly) or even &quot;Tekken: Blood Vengeance&quot; will prove more entertaining than &quot;Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker&quot;.<br/><br/>And just for a final rounding up comment; what was up with the music that played when the credits started to roll? It was horrible and so misplaced. What a wrong choice of music to put into a fantasy adventure.

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